Saigon Cafe As Sample of Airport Terminal

Saigon cafe as sample of airport terminal is designed with instructions of check-in, cockpit door and images of passengers who carrying their luggage, etc.

On weekends, you are able to arrange an appointment with your friends or boyfriend/ girlfriend at following café:

The Terminal

Customers at The Terminal are almost young people or those who want to find a strange new space. The Terminal is situated on Nguyen Tri Phuong street, district 10. It is designed as an airport terminal. When stepping into The Terminal, you will feel like waiting for a flight or stay still to look your friends going out of the airport gate.

saigon-cafe (2)

The Terminal is designed with light colors and cozy atmosphere.

The Terminal also creates airport atmosphere with pictures on the wall with crowded passengers, pulling luggage. With instructions of check-in and cockpit door, The Terminal makes customers feel like being at the airport. The Terminal serves beverages such as: matcha, cookie, yogurt or tea, coffee. The average price is about VND 29,000- VND 35,000.

C.On Cafe

C.On café is situated on Ngo Thoi Nhiem, district 3. C.On café attracts a stable number of customers on week days as well as on weekend. C.On’s space focuses on simplicity and simple beauty. Bonsai pots are placed on square frame at the beverage area.

saigon-cafe (1)

Feeling peace of mind and sipping cup of coffee with your friends

C.On is a suitable place for those who love the gentility with melodious songs. Coming to C.On, you can order honey rib rice, Hong Kong chicken rice, sweet cakes or drinks such as lemon juice or yogurt, etc. The price is about VND 55,000 to VND 60,000.


Situated on Vo Thi Sau street, district 3, Bazaar’s space is designed in rectangle shape and not too large but it is an ideal box for young people. Bazaar is more beautiful at night when both sipping cup of coffee and looking down the street.

Bazaar serves snacks link instant egg noodle, jajang, tuna leather snack or milk cakes. In addition, Bazaar serves a variety of drinks such green tea, vani milk, cinnamon chocolate or Bazaar yogurt. It costs about VND 35,000 to VND 45,000.

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