Saigon Central Post Office- The Beauty Cross Three Centuries

Located in the city center, the Saigon Central Post Office is a must-visit destination to foreign tourists. With unique architecture, high aesthetic and at the age of 130, the post office really leaves deep impression in the mind of tourists.

Situated at number 2, Paris Commune Work, district 1, the Saigon Central post office is one of the most typical architectural works in Ho Chi Minh city.


The Saigon Central Post Office zoom out

As a harmonic combination of Gothic and French architecture, its appearance and interior enchants visitors.


The facade of the Saigon Central Post Office

The post office was built during 1886- 1891, based on the design of Gustave Eiffel- a well-known French architect together with his assistant Foulhoux.


The last Saigon Central Post Office

Tourists usually visit here to admire the unique architecture of the post office and be merged into the ancient world, from post boxes to phone booths and feel comfortable to relax on benches polished with varnish and existed for hundreds of years old.

The post office still remains 14 phone booths which are placed in two main lobbies to serve residents here and tourists who want to contact as well as find back a bygone time.

The telecommunication system now has become too familiar to all of us. However, during the period of 20th century, the post office system had not been popularly known in Saigon. It is reason why right from being put into operation, the post office attracted much attention of Saigoners.

saigon-central-post-office (12)

The Saigon Central Post Office last and now

The Saigon Central Post Office now is one of the most well-known architectural works of Ho Chi Minh city and gradually becomes a must- visit destination for Ho Chi Minh city tour.

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saigon-central-post-office (6)

A new appearance of the Saigon Central Post Office on January, 2015

With the unique beauty, the Saigon Central Post Office together with another great architecture work- the Notre- Dame Cathedral with two high bell towers attracts a huge numbers of tourists.

saigon-central-post-office (11)

The Notre- Dame Cathedral on the left and the Saigon Central Post Office on the right

Until now, the post office has been always the central post office of the city. The post office is described with the balance architecture among work items and high aesthetics. All the details are symmetrical and are divided into two sides through a central axis.

saigon-central-post-office (10)

The balance in architecture inside the Saigon Central Post Office

Outside, the facade of the house was decorated with rectangular shapes which register the inventors of the telegraph and electricity sectors. Among them has US President Benjamin Franklin, Italian inventor Alessandro Volta, England physicist Michael Faraday, French mathematician André-Marie Ampère, Gay Lussac, Oerstedt, Ohm, Arago, Galvani, Foucault, and Laplace, etc. and on the arc of the house with a big clock.

saigon-central-post-office (5)

The clock outside the Saigon Central Post Office

There are also two maps on the history of telecommunication system in Saigon on two high walls. Respectively “Saigon et ses environs in 1892″, translated as “Saigon and the vicinity, 1892″ and “Lignes telegraphiques du Sud et du Cambodge Vietnam, 1936″ translated as “telegraph line South Vietnam and post office 1936 “.

saigon-central-post-office (1)

Saigon and the vicinity, 1892

saigon-central-post-office (2)

Telegraph line South Vietnam and post office 1936

System of columns and pillars of the facade (20 pillars, columns) are shaped into square blocks and each pillar is carved with meticulous patterns. The system of contours, lines or patterns seem like pulling low the building and form strongly decorative lines and harmonious balance.

saigon-central-post-office (4)

A corner of the Saigon Central Post Office

Inside the building is a dome system adjacent to the main entrance and a long inner arch. The large domes are supported by four iron pillars located at the four corners.

saigon-central-post-office (3)

Here, tourists can see a large portrait of Uncle Ho on high looking down

All connections between the pillars and rafters are elaborately designed and carved. Thanks to the system of columns and arches, the whole building becomes higher, more spacious and airy.

saigon-central-post-office (7)

The ceiling of the building

With a unique design from external to the interior, Saigon Central Post Office can be seen as a building with unique architecture full of color in Saigon.


The statue in front of the post office was built on occasion of Saigon at the age of 300.

Nowadays, tourists coming to the Saigon Central Post Office will be satisfied with a lot of services here as well as telecommunication equipment which can be used to contact to any countries in the world. In addition, there are a lot of services such as Parcels of timer recording, courier, etc.


Four rows of large wooden desks lined inside serve residents and visitors.

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Located in the city center, with great beauty the Saigon Central Post Office is increasingly attracting tourists. Next to Notre Dame Cathedral and near Diamond Plaza shopping center, the building retains a harmonious combination of ancient beauty and breath of modern life. And it deserves to be one of the buildings attracting most large numbers of tourists in the tourism sector of Ho Chi Minh City.

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