Saigon Colorful Routes Of Color Me Run

If you love walking through colorful routes and releasing your soul with lively music, then be sure that the colorful routes of Color Me Run will be a perfect choice. Color Me Run will be a great experience and most fun in this summer! Saigon Colorful Routes Of Color Me Run.

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Color Me Run – a colorful racing route

Color Me Run – the colorful racing routes are lively and unique sporting event in the world in general and Vietnam in particular. The program “Color Me Run” is organized by the company Pulse Active in the sense that the company wants to convey message to young people about the benefits of physical activity and sport, especially running. Join the event, you will experience the color journey of 5 km and covered with color powder from head to toe through marks.

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A kit Color Me Run you will receive when joining

With the theme “WE’LL BE UNITED”, color me run will be taken place in three big cities: Ho Chi Minh City – Da Nang – Hanoi to connect people in three main regions: North- Central- South. Color Me Run will always be new experiences, unforgettable impression of everyone. Simultaneously, the company Pulse Active also expects to contribute to a dynamic Ho Chi Minh city, attracting tourists from other countries in the region through this sporting event.

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New experience with colors at Color Me Run

Accompanying program “Color Me Run” is the natural water sponsor Lavie. Participants will be provided with Lavie bottle water at the starting point and during the race to ensure that the body always has a sufficient amount of natural water to finish the race. This funding also contributed to raise the sense of this colorful sports event.

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Hot Vietnamese teens also have fun at Color Me Run

The sporting event “Color Me Run” was held in Vietnam for the first time in 2014 in District 7, Ho Chi Minh city. It is expected that the number of participants in 2015 will double the 2014; hence the program should be moved from District 7 to district 2 with larger and more grandiose space.

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A great many young people joined the color party.

Color Me Run has increasingly become a sports event that attracted a lot of young Saigon participants. It is dynamic and vibrant as the name of the program. The colors from head to toe of each young Saigon people even help them more enthusiastic and exciting.

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Foreign tourists also are not less “heat” than Sai Thanh youths.

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Passionate kiss among colors of Color Me Run

In the space “Color Me Run”, you will be comfortable in free and most generous space. After finishing the race with 5 main colors at 5 different stops covering clothing, from head to foot, you will be involved at the music extravaganza stage at destination. A lively music and modern space is welcoming you at the final destination.

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Unleash with color bubbles

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Colors blend together

Attractive part of all is special guests at the monumental music program: T-Pain- a talented rapper and songwriter of World music. Talking to T – pain, you remember the famous musical work LOW in collaboration with Flo Rida. Following the resounding success is Akon, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo.

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Special guests help the concert of Color Me Run more vibrant.

A 4-member girl group GRL, Toc Tien, DJ Atran, DJ Phat Beats, etc. will make for an exciting atmosphere. Color Me Run actually connects Saigon young people in the sport and colorful atmosphere. Dynamic and brilliant!

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A colorful musical night that you can feel free to dance.

Color Me Run will continue to take place in Hanoi on 26 September, 2015, visitors go to experience and share great moments with family and friends at a sporting event in the most unique color sports event of Vietnam.

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