Saigon Container Cafe

Container café is located in Trung Son residential area. It is made up of two old containers and decorated with tires and tanks as objects.  Visiting container café tourists will find a cool green space instead of dusty appearance.

Stepping on container café, you may understand its name from unique decoration from two containers, a red in one side and a blue one in the other side. Both of them are carefully painted with wooden interior. They have windows to enjoy natural light and escape the summer heat.

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The courtyard is in the middle with in order coffee tables. They are covered by corrugated iron roof. You may sit on chairs which are made from barrels to enjoy a cup of coffee putting on tables made of automotive wheels and tires. Many tables and chairs are also put in front of building for those who want to enjoy a cup of coffee as well as sightseeing.

Saigon Container Cafe (2)

Tables are made of automotive wheels and tires

The wheels are also used as staircase in the right corner. You may recognize it if you pay attention. The walls are adorned with motorcycle models.  Every evening at sunset the shop is lit up by designer lamps from tires and bottle. It creates a colorful space.

Inside container, the space looks like prettier with ornamental plants. This is an ideal for photographers.You can take photos or play a piece of music with a guitar which is next to the wall.

A cup of coffee with camera lens- shaped pot of ice is a unique drink of this shop. The menu is special too with the shape as the back door of container. Container café serves a variety of drinks including a cup of coffee with the name “Container Café”. It brings faint taste and flavor and it’s far from a normal ice black coffee cup. You can take sugar following your taste.

Saigon Container Cafe (1)

Container café is surely interesting for Saigon tourists. It is also an ideal place for friends after a day under pressure.

(Ha Trang)

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