Saigon Contributes To Popular Skewered Dishes in Asian

As a cuisine paradise, Asia, in which has Saigon, Vietnam, is famous for attractive skewered dishes.

Quails- Saigon


Just a few minutes after skewering quail meat and grilled it on charcoal, the scent of meat and garlic spread surrounding. Grilled quails are served with lemon and pepper salt.

Grilled Chicken Satays- Malaysia


The dish is made of beef or chicken meat which is carefully marinated, then grilled on hot charcoal.

Insect skewers- Laos, Cambodia


Using insects for food is very popular in Laos, Campodia, Thailand, etc. In the past, it is considered particular but nowadays it more popular. Even in drink restaurants in Vietnam, it is not difficult to find insect skewers from crickets, grasshoppers, etc.

Candied Haw in a Stick- China


Sugar-coated haws is a traditional Chinese food, it is the string of wild fruit clusters with the bamboo stick dipped after the maltose thin, taffy case of wind quickly harden. A common snack in northern winter, usually strung with hawthorn, starch syrup was frozen hard, eating sweet and sour, is still ice.

Grilled Chicken Intestine- the Philippines


Also known as Barbecue Isaw, grilled chicken intestine is a mainstay in the side-streets of Metro Manila. This food has been one of the famous street foods since time immemorial.

Grilled Octopus- South Korea


Grilled octopus dish is described as tasty, fragrant, good-looking and spicy. The octopus is cut into small pieces, skewer and grilled over charcoal. This is a favorite dish of the Koreans as well as tourists.

Grilled Meat- Thailand


The pork is marinated in tangy fish sauce and cilantro and brushed with rich, creamy coconut milk while being grilled over hot coals. These grilled pork skewers are fragrant and inexpensive. Moo ping is often served with sticky rice and with a spicy chili dipping sauce called jaew.

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