Saigon Nights through Streets

Unlike peaceful and romantic beauty of Hanoi, Saigon by night is full of bustle and vibrant with bright colors.


When the night just comes, Saigon starts bustling. People walk down the street in the cool weather. All roads and streets are full of pedestrians.


The high buildings also begin to glow and adorn the city with more magnificent colors.


With a height of 68 floors, Bitexco is considered the city’s tallest building, the runner-up of Vietnam, just after Keangnam Hanoi Landmark. Underneath are the coffee shops, shopping malls.


Saigon Port is for those who want to live a peaceful life. They come here for coffee and behold slow flow of water.


The cruise ships in the harbor are busy weekend guests. Enjoying a cup of coffee or some food on drift boats also brings the inspirations.


Park of the Paris Commune, where the ancient and modern architecture is mixed together, always gives Saigon a vibrant color.


The front side of the center post office is an amusement place of many families, young people and tourists.


Around Ben Thanh Market is the thriving night region. Goods here are in all kinds including traditional cuisine. Guests here are mostly foreigners.


Bui Vien Street is probably the most exciting one in the city. Not only foreign tourists but many young people also come here to seek a different perspective of a modern life.


In addition to the vibrant and noisy streets, Saigon still has somewhere in a peaceful small corner, the flickering lights, fainted benches, etc. The place is also considered a dating one for young people.

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