Saigon One Day- What Should Experience?

Saigon One Day- What Should Experience? Enjoying delicious dishes, beholding street from above, visiting Notre Dame Cathedral, etc. are should- experience things in Saigon within one day.

Saigon is considered an attractive land with gorgeous beauty and a lot of things to discover and experience. But the thing that makes people love Saigon day by day is combination of magnificent things and simple things. If travelers have only 24 hours in Saigon, you should following things:

  1. Visit and take photo in Notre Dame Cathedral

This is an architectural masterpiece from French colonial. It is designed by architect J.Bourard. Seen from outside, the whole church from the roof to the wall is a red brick color. Features of such these bricks and tiles are to preserve its original color from the date of construction to now and against mildew. Notre Dame Cathedral is not only familiar to Saigon people but also for foreign tourists. Every day, there are hundreds of foreign tourists come here to visit, take photo, etc.

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Notre Dame Cathedral in the center of Ho Chi Minh city

2. Shopping at Ben Thanh market

Ben Thanh market is known as a symbol and tourist attraction for both foreign tourists and local people. Walking around the shopping area and discovering Ben Thanh market have long been an indispensable part of Saigon tours. Ben Thanh market is situated on one of the most important locations of Saigon. This creates favorable conditions for exchanging commercial activities. This is not only a cultural symbol and tourist attraction for tourists but also a place where you can find everything at reasonable price. Another must-visit place in Ben Thanh market is the cuisine area with traditional cuisine from all parts of country. On January, 2012, Ben Thanh market was chosen as one of top ten attractive street food destinations by Food and Wine Magazine.


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Ben Thanh market- a must-see destination in Saigon

3. Beholding Saigon from above

Standing in high position, with long-range binoculars and rotate 360 degrees horizontal and 50 degrees vertical, you can view Saigon zoom out that you cannot see by naked eyes. The whole most beautiful and dynamic city of the Southern will appear in different look while you admire from a height of 178 m on Saigon Skydeck observatory.

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Saigon View from “49 Cloud Layers”

4. Enjoy Delicious Foods

Saigon has many special dishes from other regions such as broken rice, noodles, rice cakes, barbecue noodles, salad, etc. However, visiting Saigon without tasting snail dishes, it is a regrettable thing. No need to go to the beach, you can still find a lot of fresh snail dishes from other regions, which are processed in different ways, very attractive and interesting.

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Snails fried with water spinach- a favorite food

5. Music Performance in Tea Rooms

Many people believe that visiting Saigon is to drink daily coffee and come to tea rooms weekly to listen to music. Activities in tea rooms are considered as a “specialty”. Each tea room has a different taste in music, depending on your favorite to choose a suitable tea room. No Name tearoom at 112 Le Thanh Ton Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1 invites young stars Quang Dung, My Tam, Thanh Thao, Hien Thuc, etc.,  Tieng Xua tea room at 442 Cao Thang Street, Ward 12, District 10 and Dong Dao tearoom at 164 Pasteur street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1 with many overseas stars like Tuan Ngoc, Y Lan, Tuan Vu; young stars Vietnam like Ho Ngoc Ha, My Tam, Quang Dung, Hong Nhung, etc. We tearoom is located at intersection Le Quy Don – Nguyen Dinh Chieu, District 3.

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Listening music in tearooms is favorites of many people.

6. Visiting walking street Nguyen Hue

Walking street Nguyen Hue was just put into operation on April 29. This is considered a central street of district 1. At 6 pm, almost stores, coffee shops along two sides of the street are very crowded. Since the walking street was completed, there are some beverage and fast food stores opened to meet pedestrians’ needs. In the evening, the street becomes busier and more crowded. The walking street is connected to Metro station, Saigon Opera House and Thu Thiem urban area.

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Walking street Nguyen Hue

Each place, you only need to spend few hours to understand its distinct beauty. However, if have more time, Saigon has a lot of tourist attractions for you to discover and experience.

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