Saigon Sky Appear Strange Light Beams on Vu Lan Festival

sai gon 1

Pedestrians were surprised and interested when they realized Saigon sky having beautiful red and yellow light on mid day of July- Vu Lan festival.

sai gon 2

Strange light on Vu Lan festival in Saigon

Arrays of red and yellow light appear at 6:28 pm on August 10 at Ho Chi Minh city make a lot of people surprised because its shimmering beauty.

sai gon 3

At 6:30 pm, such these arrays are divided into three long arrays. Lots of people transporting in Khanh Hoi bridge area stopped to see this strange phenomenon.

Curiosity of people through the Khanh Hoi bridge area causing traffic jams. After 6:30 pm, three strange light arrays still look very clear.

sai gon 4

Locals here said this is the first time the strange phenomenon happens so they stop to take photos.

The light appears about 10 minutes and attracts many people’s attention.

sai gon 5

At near 6:38 pm, it turn dark, such these light arrays fade and disappear.

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