Saigon Street Food- the 16 best street- food cities in the world. Thrillist online newspaper of America has published a list of the 16 best street- food cities in the world. Accordingly, Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam was ranked 4th out of 16 destinations.

What is the reason that makes the city of Vietnam ranked so high?

Thrillist said that enjoying food in star restaurants of Michellin does not mean you are gourmets. To explore the beauty of the culinary culture of each country, delicious street food is not a bad choice. Thrillist also said that the street food in major cities in Southeast Asia has always topped in the rank.


Saigon Street Food- the 16 best street- food cities in the world

Stateside Vietnamese cuisine is all bánh mì and pho, which alone would make Ho Chi Minh City a must-eat destination, but the streets of Ho Chi Minh City are paved with more than beef broth and French bread. From sprawling markets to sidewalk stands, the food of Ho Chi Minh City is a mosaic of savory soups, fired meats, and fried crustaceans. Naturally, beef broth pho is huge, with chicken broth just as widely available. Crabs range from sitr-fried with tamarind to soupified with thick udon-esque noodles in bánh canh cua. And while bánh mì flourishes, don’t sleep on the city’s turmeric-loaded bánh xèo crispy pancakes.

Known for: Bánh mì, bánh xèo pancakes, pho, com suon grilled pork chops

Discover representatives in the top 10:


Topping the list is the street food of Singapore


Bangkok, Thailand is a culinary paradise in Asia


Cuisine street in Mexico ranked third


The popular delicacies sold along roadsides in Marrakesh, Morocco


No. 6 is street food in the city of Mumbai, India


Shanghai city with a rich cuisine, blending into East – West.


Berlin (Germany) is famous for mobile food cars. In the ranking list, this place at No. 8.


Tokyo, Japan ranked 9th

Broadway street market in the East End of London

Food street in London, England.

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