Saigon Suburban Five Mini Resorts For Weekends

Saigon Suburban Five Mini Resorts For Weekends. No need to go far, you still can enjoy peaceful nature or sound of sea waves right in bustling Saigon.

1.      TajmaSago resort

Although TajmaSago is situated in suburban Saigon, it is only 3 km from the city center. This Resort was built as a sample of ancient palace Maharaja, India with main white color. The luxurious interior and royal styles create romantic and mysterious atmosphere.

The resort exhibits sculptures, a unique fountain; especially a romantic garden is designed after a famous garden Alhambra. This is a great destination for weekend evenings under flickered lights beside your beloved people.

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Luxurious space of TajmaSago from outside, the room rate is about VND 2,200,000/ night.

2.      Village Romaine

Located in Thao Dien residential zone, district 2, about 7 km from the city center, Village Romaine is one of first superior resorts in Ho Chi Minh city. If you want to escape intensive sunshine of Saigon and no need to go too far, Village Romaine is a perfect choice.

Away from crowded streets with full of dust, in a cool green and pure space next to Saigon river coast, no need air conditioner, you still feel very comfortable during this hot summer. Cool breezes from the river coast, green grass or a walking path of flowers will make you peace of soul after a hard working week.

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In the evening, you can enjoy cool cups of fruit juice, chat with your family in a peaceful atmosphere. The room rate is about VND 4-7 million/ night for two persons.

3.      An Lam Sai Gon River

One of high- ranked resorts in suburban Saigon, An Lam Saigon Resort is situated on Binh Duong province, just about 30 km from Saigon city center. This resort is a harmonic combination of nature and human. The surrounding sights are very cool and peaceful. Villas are designed as wooden houses of Southern Vietnam which make tourists feel familiar, cozy and comfortable as at their home.

This is also an interesting destination to behold romantic sunset on Saigon river together with their half- apple. Spending your weekend at An Lam resort, you feel like human and nature as one.

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Lotus pavilions of An Lam resort are favorite places for couples. The room rate is about VND 5 million/ night.

4.      Phuong Nam Pearl

Phuong Nam Pearl is a clever choice for those who love beach but have not enough time to go far. Located in Can Gio beach ecotourism zone, about 50 km from the city center, Phuong Nam Pearl resort has one side facing sea, the remaining side facing Can Gio mangrove forest. In the morning, you can wake up early to behold dawn and hear the sound of pine forest in the afternoon, enjoy fresh delicious seafood. Phuong Nam Pearl is a favorite destination of Saigon families on weekends.

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The romantic sight by night of Phuong Nam Pearl is a dating place for couples in love. The room rate is about VND 1 million/ night.

5.      La Maison De Campagne

Located right in Cu Chi district, about 60 km from Saigon city center, La Maison De Campagne is surrounded by countryside green Vietnamese space. Yellow houses were built as old architectural style with bamboo trees and river that create such a peaceful landscape that you do not think you are relaxing in one of the most bustling cities in Vietnam.

On weekend, together with your family come here to relax in brick houses, hear beautiful songs of birds, read book, drink tea, listen romantic French music, and enjoy rustic dishes.

Saigon Suburban Five Mini Resorts For Weekends  (4)

Far away the city center, the moon in La Maison De Campagne seems clearer. The room rate is about VND 1,500,000/ night.


- You should book room in advance at websites of resorts or booking websites to avoid full rooms.

- Some resorts do not accept Visa cards; hence you should prepare cash.

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