Saigon Tourism: Feeling Café “As We Get Older”

While other café shops attract diners with eye-catching design, generic colors, unique highlights, The Homes Coffee is much different. As its name, the shop brings the feeling as in the homes for children living far from their homes.

home 1

It maybe a simple dream when we get older, we will have such a place to rest, relax, drink tea and feel slow time drifting. Therefore, the café owner designed his shop with rustic brick walls, varnished wooden doors which are harmonic with other items and give pedestrians feel this as a home of a well-off family in a certain countryside, but not a café shop in busy Saigon.

home 2

home 3

The internal space and decoration makes people feel as they are walking more slowly. That feeling comes from blocks of circular concrete acting as a pathway across the pond, banana trees, a coconut shell, stone grinder, etc. It also comes from rustic baskets placed in the corner of the house, lamps dangling overhead, clay jars, etc.

home 4

home 5

Such feeling also comes from “The Home Grocery”, which shows glass jars containing bean nuts and candies associated with childhood, corn bags, clay pots or oil lamp or bottles of soy sauce, fish sauce, etc. for you go to the market. Sometimes it also comes from wooden doors, salon set with designs from previous decades.

home 6

home 7

Moreover, the shop attracts tourists with traditional products such as peanut juice, sesame milk, etc. which are presented quite nicely. In particular, all is cooked in the shop to ensure consistent quality and taste. In addition to folk juices, the shop is highly appreciated with traditional teas, fruit tea, and morning tea which have both traditional and new flavors.

home 8

home 9

Address: The Home Coffee, 23 Nguyen An Ninh street, ward 14, Binh Thanh district, Ho Chi Minh city.

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