Saigon Tourism- Visit Two Unique Pet Café Shops

For your Saigon tour this week, we introduce you to visit two unique pet café shops where you can meet and make friend with impressive pets.

cafe thu

                                                   Do you dare to try this touch?

Ailu Cat Café- A house of lovely cats

Originated from Hanoi, Ailu Cat is a favorite café shop thanks to lovely cats from all over the world. Ailu Cat café is named after Ailuros- a goddess of ancient Egypt with cat appearance.

cafe thu 2

The shop has more than 20 lovely cats, Hamster mice, and cream- color Alaska dogs and a place for animal-lovers in Saigon when they need a friend to sit side by side and enjoy a cup of coffee.

cafe thu 3

In addition, the shop arranges furniture in a cozy atmosphere, together with purple and gentle tone and a romantic piano. Coming to Ailu Cat Café, you can just see lovely cats just sip cups of delicious coffee; enjoy fast food in gentle sound of piano. That is really a comfortable and restful feeling.

cafe thu 4

Address: Ailu Cat Café 284 Nguyen Trong Tuyen, Ward 10, Phu Nhuan district

Babo Café- Meeting place of the reptiles

A café shop brings wild styles in the middle of Saigon, it is Babo Café. The shop gets young people’s attention not only because of kinds of drinks but also strange reptiles. Coming here, let’s prepare “spirit” to meet types of snakes, lizards, salamanders, frogs, pythons, etc. and you totally feel comfortable to play, take photo and feed them.

cafe thu 5

These kinds of reptiles apparently look very scary, but very gentle and friendly. If you always feel scared when accidentally catching these animals near and far, let’s visit the shop, then “try” again!

Address: Babo Café 009, Condominium A3, Phoenix Flower street, Ward 7, Phu Nhuan district

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