Saigon Walking Street- Tourist Attraction

When it comes to Saigon, it is usually mentioned to the highest building of Vietnam- Bitexco building, ancient Notre Dame Cathedral, Han Thuyen park with special coffee culture or simple street food. But Saigon now has its additional tourist attraction. That is Nguyen Hue- Saigon walking street which becomes an ideal destination not only for Saigon people but also for tourists near and far.

Nguyen Hue walking street put officially into operation on 29 April. As schedule, on week days, vehicles are still allowed to run along Nguyen Hue street, but from 6pm to 1am on Saturday and Sunday, all kinds of vehicles are banned to travel here.

Saigon-Walking-Street (1)

Nguyen Hue walking street under construction

The old Nguyen Hue Flower Street now becomes a square and the first walking street of Saigon. It just likes Saigon that is changing in every breath and in every moment. However, despite changes, Saigon remains deep impression in the heart of tourists.

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Nguyen Hue walking street with a length of 900 m, width of 60 m, in front of People Committee Establishment of Ho Chi Minh city. It has become gathering place as well as interesting walking street of Saigon. An airy path, right in the center of the city, from here you can visit many famous tourist attractions like Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral, Nha Rong wharf or go for a stroll around Vincom.

Saigon-Walking-Street (2)

Famous architectural constructions on two sides of the street

Saigon-Walking-Street (3)

High buildings

Saigon-Walking-Street (4)

Sunset on the city People Committee

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Nguyen Hue walking street is chosen as a place for big events of Ho Chi Minh city as parade, meetings, street festivals, Nguyen Hue flower path. Moreover, this path also takes place activities of culture exhibitions, sport, art performances, etc.

Saigon-Walking-Street (5)

A large and airy space

Saigon-Walking-Street (6)

Shimmering at night

Young Saigon people, aside from chatting with friends at coffee stores, now are able to leisurely walk on a foot street. Here, tourists can both take a stroll to avoid intense hot weather, selfie with friends or arrange a dating with your half- apple. Saigon goes into the heart of tourists with such these simple things.

Saigon-Walking-Street (7)

Feel comfortable to Selfie

Saigon-Walking-Street (8)

Take art photos

Saigon-Walking-Street (9)

A trend of taking photo with colorful lights.

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Furthermore, at the first walking street of the city, tourists can see the highest building Bitexco. At night, everything is lit up by the lights. Frankly, Saigon has never-go-sleep places. One of most attractive things here is unique and beautiful water music performances. Under harshly hot weather condition on May, the walking street Nguyen Hue is truly an ideal place for Saigon summer tour.

Saigon-Walking-Street (10)

The street is lit up the whole night

Saigon-Walking-Street (11)

The highest building Bitexco

Saigon-Walking-Street (12)

Colorful water music performance

If the old Saigon holds tourists with its classic, pompous and dreamy beauty, Saigon today, thanks to its youthful modern beauty, has made a lot of people fall in love. Nguyen Hue walking street walk is merging into the changing flow of Saigon. People still come here no matter it is day or night, no matter how old you are. Typical street activities also appear more and more on this walking street. If on this summer, you have an appointment with Saigon, then do not miss the opportunity to walk on Nguyen Hue walking street.

Saigon-Walking-Street (13)

Local people take a stroll every afternoon

Saigon-Walking-Street (14)

Foreign tourists find interesting in the walking street

Saigon-Walking-Street (15)

A place for fun to Saigon young people

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Opened only a few days, but Nguyen Hue walking Street has become a hot venue attracting thousands of Saigon people. This is truly an ideal paradise for dating, fun, entertainment combined with many other activities. Have you planned to escape hot Saigon weather on Nguyen Hue walking street yet?

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