Saigon Western Street- Bui Vien Street

Since Vietnam’s tourism became popular, the beautiful S-shaped land has welcomed tourists from different countries around the world. Like the natives, foreign tourists choose town centers as destinations for entertainment or dating on the journey of discovery. Gradually, to meet the needs of foreign visitors, café shops, bars, restaurants serving western dishes are built more and more, become attractive destinations for both domestic and foreign tourists. This location is also known as the Western Street. Now, Saigon-online introduce you Saigon Western Street.

Saigon Western Street (1)

A corner of Bui Vien- Saigon Western Street

Located on the center of district 1, three streets: Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao and De Tham are considered as Saigon Western Streets. If you miss out such these streets on your Saigon trip, it is really regrettable. Coming here, tourists will feel noisy atmosphere of the most crowded tourist street in Vietnam.

Three streets with the spindle of small De Tham Street, it is not too long, but there are hundreds of hotels, motels, restaurants, cafes, grocery and fashion shops. Travelling in summer, visiting Saigon to experience the feeling of sitting sidewalk, enjoying the fresh air, watching the street and chatting with friends would be very interesting.

Saigon Western Street (2)

Bui Vien street by night

Like streets for tourists in all countries, Saigon Western Streets is always bustling with large number of tourists. Services sprout into existence to meet the needs of visitors: tours in day of travel agencies, rental motorcycles and bicycles, foot massage, bookstores, consumer goods, etc. They all turn a few- meter street into a bustling selling point. Especially during the weekend, Bui Vien- Saigon Western Street also attracts tourists with hip hop performances from young people.

Saigon Western Street (3)

Interesting performances

Tourists at the Saigon Western Streets are not only foreigners but also domestic ones. They selected hotel reservations here because of cheap price and convenient location to get Ben Thanh Market and Notre Dame Cathedral.

Saigon Western Street (4)

The street is always crowded.

Western Streets are bustling at night when everything else is coming to an end. For those who passionate the excitement, Western Streets are interesting places to explore.

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