Shallot cake, simple but delicious

banh he

Shallot cake is made of rice flour and shallot leaves, it looks simple but attracts crowd of customers because of its tasty flavor.

Originated from China, shallot cakes are popularly sold in 5 district or 10 district of HCM city where crowd of Chinese people live and work. It is quite easy to find a cart selling this type of cake on streets or corners of this area.

Shallot cake is made of rice flour and shallot leaves. Nowadays, beside traditional ingredients, cake makers add shrimp to make the cake more tasty. It is also simple to make a shallot cake, first mix boiled water with rice flour, use hands to knead the flour until it is flexible and smooth.

Shallot leaves are washed and cut, diced lean meat, stir and mix well  shallot leaves with fried lean shallot leaves and spices. The dough were divided into small portions and then laminated and stuffed with meat, form it as a ball and steam it. The cake after being steamed fried with egg.

banh he 2

The cake looks very attractive and eye-catching with a layer of fried egg wrapped outside.

Beside the shallot leave filling, cake makers create filling of shred beet and cassava and lean meat.

It is indispensable phase to dip the shallot cake into a kind of sour and spicy sauce that help the dish more tasty.

Suggested address: Ho Thi Ky flower market, opposite store 75 Ho Thi Ky street, Ward 1, district 10, HCM city.

Open time: 3p.m- 7p.m

Price: 4,000 VND/ cake

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