Siam Thai Restaurant- The Thailand Culinary Quintessence in Center of Saigon

No need to travel Thailand, right in Saigon, you still have chances to enjoy typical flavors of Thailand at Siam Thai restaurant.

The decoration imbued with Thai culture style

Unlike sophisticated recipes of Chinese food or the pure taste of Japanese food, Thai cuisine is known for exquisite blend of herbs, spices and fresh foods together with unique cooking styles. The Thai food style is always a fascinating subject for culinary enthusiasts, and is one of the factors attracting tourists from near and far.

Siam Thai Restaurant is located in an unassuming street in the center of District 1, completely separated from the pace of city noises. Step inside, you like to leave outside all the worries to feel the cozy atmosphere here.


Ground floor area of the restaurant is suitable for family meals.


The child singer Phuong My Chi is also a regular client of the restaurant

The restaurant owns two separate floors with cozy decoration which creates a sense of friendliness and closeness to customers. If the ground floor is an appropriate place for a family meal, meetings, receptions, the second-floor space is a familiar style of young people. The exquisite decoration imbued with the culture of the land of the Golden Temple will make you feel like you are sitting inside a restaurant in Thailand and enjoy traditional food here.


The space is imbued with Thai style at Siam Thai restaurant


A various menu of Thai food


Kow Klook Gapi is not only delicious but also good-looking


Crabs with sweet and spicy sauce served with fried dumplings


Squid dish with strange taste


Tasty Pad Thai


You have a chance to enjoy the well-known Takoh of Thailand at Siam Thai

Address: 269/4 Nguyen Trai, Nguyen Cu Trinh, district 1, Ho Chi Minh city

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