Six Kinds of Delicious Congees in Saigon

Thai congee, Southern congee, Almond with Cheese Jelly and Lychee Sweet Soup, etc. are heat- reduced dishes in the menu of Saigon teens.

Thai Congee

che thai lan

Apart from traditional spicy dishes, the country of pagodas is also known for super delicious congee dishes. It has long been imported to Saigon, this kind of congee has stirred many generations of Saigon teens.

Almond with Cheese Jelly and Lychee Sweet Soup


In the middle of 2013, the trend Almond with Cheese Jelly and Lychee Sweet Soup sprouted into existence from South Vietnam to North Vietnam. In Saigon, sellers sell 1,000 bowls of Almond with Cheese Jelly and Lychee Sweet Soup every day.

Chinese Congee

che hoa

It is a kind of popular congee in Saigon, mainly concentrates in Cho Lon area. Unlike other congees that are used to reduce heat, the Chinese congee is used to provide nutrition for your health. There is no coconut milk in their ingredients.

Cambodia Congee

che campuchia

This kind of special congee is made of pumpkin. Recipes are also quite simple. After removing pumpkin’s seeds, the cook will add a mixture of condensed milk, milk powder, coconut milk, egg yolks and then steam such a mixture until the pumpkin cooked. Finally, teens just use spoons to take pieces of pumpkin.

Singapore Congee

che sing

The Singapore congee also makes it a major attraction because of mixture of ice- cream, fruits, coconut milk, etc. It is not only preferred with their flavor, but also its cute and close decoration. Each congee shop has its own preparation, for example, a dish Snow Rainbow includes mixture of fruits: grape, apple, pear, red bean, corn, etc.

Southern Congee

che nam bo

The Southern congee or traditional congee is made of familiar ingredients such as: green bean, red bean, longan, seaweeds, taro, corn, tea, banana congee, etc. Favorite congees are usually mentioned as following: green bean congee with coconut milk, banana congee, sweet potato congee. An important feature of such these kinds of congees is served with coconut milk.

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