Sliding Zipline In The Jungle And Enjoy Bao Loc Tea

Coming to Bao Loc, the city brings the passionate flavor of green tea, you will be attracted by the fragrant tea, immense hillside or the most majestic waterfalls in the Highlands.

One day is not enough to discover all destinations in Bao Loc, Lam Dong, but the following suggested schedule will help you have a voyeuristic trip.


From Hanoi: take flights and land on Lien Khuong airport, about 30 km from Da Lat and 80 km from Bao Loc. You should select Da Lat itinerary before, then to Bao Loc. You can also skip Da lat to catch a taxi to get Bao Loc city. Check flights from Hanoi to Da Lat.

From Ho Chi Minh city: about 190 km from Bao Loc, tourists can travel by motorcycle if they want to experience gorgeous roads. Another option is to take a bus of some famous brands such as Phuong Trang, Mai Linh, Thanh Buoi, Tam Hanh, etc. a ticket costs about VND 210,000-220,000. Travel time is about 6 hours, you should depart at night and are able to start a journey in early next day.

In Bao Loc: You can travel by motorcycle or rent motorbike at the hotel for about VND 150,000-200,000 a day.

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The city in the morning seems to be engulfed in mist.

The Best Time To Travel Bao Loc

The dry season from December to April next year is always a beautiful time to visit. However, the remaining time period also attracts a lot of visitors if tourists want to experience the cold weather from the rain, or waterfalls of white foam.


Should rent a room in the center of Tran Phu street to facilitate travel, the price fluctuates around VND 150,000 per day, the neighborhood is about VND 100,000 a day.

Schedule As Reference

6am: Have a breakfast

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One of the dishes you should enjoy is the rice in pot of Thuan Thanh at a corner of Tran Phu Street and Ly Tu Trong street. The store is known for delicious food and cheap price

If tourists are interested in hunting clouds, you can run along paths of the vast pine forest when the sun rises.

6:30 am: Behold Bao Loc tea hill and enjoy the tea at Vong Nguyet

Dubbed the “kingdom of tea”, Bao Loc is an ideal destination. Tourists can enjoy immense, verdant and undulating tea hills on all roads. In addition, you may come to Vong Nguyet which is about 5 km from the city center to enjoy fragrant cups of tea and watch artists performing the Japanese tea ceremony.

In the morning, among cool and pure nature, feeling relaxing with a cup of tea and contemplating the mountain town will make your peace of mind as escaping from a life full of pressure.

9am: Great Dambri waterfall

The waterfall is located about 18 km from the city center to the west. This is a tourist complex including recreational areas, lakes, waterfalls, vast virgin forest of more than 1,000 hectares. To get here, you can run a motorbike, taxi because the road is quite easy to move.

With an altitude of 60 meters, the violent sound of waterfall, luxuriant trees around the entrances, slippery stair road because of green moss, etc.

11 am: Stop at Amida Temple

Amida Temple is located about 35 km from the city center, in Dang Dung village,  Da Ton commune, Bao Lam. From waterfall Dambri direction, turn right go to get Dia Tang Vuong Park and then come to Amida temple about 5 km along a basalt road.

This is not just where Buddhist monks practice, but also a pilgrimage destination, sightseeing of tourists. The temple is a large architectural complex of more than 5 hectares. It was built in an elegant style with roofs made of wood and concrete floor.

Lakes are grown with lush flowers, green hills of tea or coffee, etc. in the area around the temple. It makes tourists feel comfortable, the source of inspiration of endless poetry.

12:30 pm: Come back Bao Loc city for rest and lunch

Stop at a noodle store in Ha Giang road. With cold weather in rainy days, a hot bowl of beef noodle will make you feel warm to the next stage.

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One of the suggested eateries is beef noodle Khanh Thi.

14.30: Slide zipline in Madagui

Madagui forest is located in the town Madagui, Da Huoai district, about 30 km from the city center of Bao Loc in the direction of Highway 20 to go back to Ho Chi Minh city. This is an eco-tourism zone which is visited and explored by many young people for wildlife and experiencing the adventure games.

Here you will be fascinated by zipline adventure game with a length of over one kilometer across rivers, lakes and trees. Swing to overcome waterfalls, kayaking, windsurfing, shooting, and discovering the jungle are irresistible experiences.

5pm: Come back to Saigon or may get to Bao Loc town to explore the city at night

If your schedule is to stay in Bao Loc or Da Lat in few days, you should come back to the downtown to relax and take a stroll to explore Bao Loc by night. And if visitors can only visit during the day, should come back to Ho Chi Minh city. From Madagui to Ho Chi Minh city takes about 5 hours.


There are two specialties in Bao Loc: tea and coffee. This will be a meaningful gift for your family and friends.

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