Snail eating – an irreplaceable part of Sai Gon culture in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City is considered as the paradise of street foods in Asia. If you are a street food lover, you shouldn’t miss to eat snails – a popular street food in Sai Gon!!

There are five main different kinds of snails: steamed, fried, sautéed, coated in chili and salt, or grilled, and there were a number of different toppings as well, ranging from lemongrass, to coconut milk, to chili sauce, to scallions and crushed peanuts.

 Many kinds of snails

Many kinds of snails

When speaking about snails eating culture, people also means other types of seafood that are also served in snail eateries such as shells, clams, and squids. Every day, when the evening sets, Vietnamese street food stalls, vendors, and even fine restaurants are packed with couples and large groups of friends, family members, or colleagues. The sight of people gathering around plastic tables to chat and cheer, along with the sound of empty shells clanking on dishes have been familiar to every local and even foreign tourists.

Snails in the street vendors

Snails in the street vendors

Thanks to the fact that snail dishes go wonderfully well with Vietnamese beer, and the acts of plucking meat from the shells, dipping it in special sauce, chewing and taking a sip of cold beer seem to encourage enthusiasm and keep the conversation going.

Todays, snail eating has become an irreplaceable part of Sai Gon culture in Vietnam.

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