Son Dong is in the top 10 most worthwhile virtual reality tours in the world

Recently, the famous newspaper The Guardian ( UK) has introduced nature tours easily done right at home by computer or smartphone. In particular , Son Doong cave has been included in the top virtual reality tours of the word by the Guardian.

Son Doong cave

Son Doong cave

Through virtual reality technology is operated by the work of Nation Geographic.  Visitors will experience the journey created from 360 – degree images, combined with sound effects to suit each landscape.

Amazing natural world in the Son Doong Cave

Amazing natural world in the Son Doong Cave

Son Doong original 360 degree is one of the projects of National Geographic. The schedule will go through light-filled caves and huge deep forests. With realistic, high – definition images, visitors can freely enlarge the geological details of the cave as well as the flora and fauna.

A magic river inside the cave


In the top 10 of virtual tours is voted by the Guardian, there are also locations: Grand Canyon and Yosemite National park ( US), Everest Peak ( Nepal), Aurora viewing tour in some Nordic countries, Russia and Canada, Zhangjiajie National Park ( Hunan, China), Gian Causeway ( Northern Ireland), Perito Moreno glacier ( Argentina), Ambrym island, Namid desert.

Son Doong cave is a natural Cave in the Central of Phong Nha – Ke Bang national park. Discovered for the first time in 2009, Son Doong is also recognized as the largest cave in the world and is continuously honored on famous tourist rankings.


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