Southern Women’s Museum

Built on April 29, 1985, now the Southern Women’s Museum at 202 Vo Thi Sau, Ward 7, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City has become a familiar address for domestic visitors, especially women and foreign guests visiting Ho Chi Minh City. Museum has a display area of ​​2000 m² including 10 galleries of building and defense traditions of the homeland of Southern women.

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Southern Women’s Museum

The building of the museum now has 4 floors, in the Republic of Vietnam era, it was the palace of Nguyen Ngoc Loan, police General Office of the Republic of Vietnam and was used as a museum in 1984. In addition to the display area, the museum also has 800- seat hall, Movie Theater, library, and stores.

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Exhibits of traditional craft villages

The gallery called “Southern Women in the preservation and promotion of cultural and national identity”, displays exhibits of beliefs in shrines, costumes of ethnic women (South region), traditional villages (South region), etc.

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Models of women are weaving

Over the last 4 years of both running campaign to raise the fund and construction, both actively collected materials, objects and compiled the book “the revolutionary tradition of Southern Women” which is a great effort of Southern Women and enthusiastic young staff. This is a museum built in the first socialized form in Vietnam.

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The weaving loom in the old days

The museum at present manages 31,360 exhibits. Of which has 30,431 exhibits in the store and 929 exhibits on display; 16,739 exhibits in block and 14,621  movies, photos, documents; nearly two thirds are revolutionary exhibits, more than one third are cultural artifacts. The exhibits are divided into 24 in terms of thematic collections and materials, in which have 6 collections of rare artifacts. Most artifacts are stored according to the instructions of the Department of Cultural Heritage under appropriate light, temperature, and humidity.

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Model of cube craft

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