“Speaking to Tasty Mushroom, We Mention Yumfresh” in Saigon

Located on Nguyen Binh Khiem street, district 1, Mushroom Yumfresh has gradually become a familiar place for gourmets and Saigon tourists. Speaking to delicious mushroom, we can not miss Yumfresh.

Travelling Saigon and enjoy tasty mushroom at Yumfresh restaurant

lau nam yumfresh

Yumfresh hot pot- too delicious to resist

The name Yumfresh carries a special meaning. It is a combination between Yummy (tasty) and Fresh. Mushroom Yumfresh restaurant’s motto is to provide customers dishes made ​​from the sophistication of green clean and fresh materials. The food here is made by the talented hands of passionate chefs with years of culinary research.

lau nam yumfresh2

Mushroom is not only delicious but also nutritious

Yumfresh not only satisfies customers’ taste but also make priority on health criteria. Yumfresh menu is meticulously invested and done research. There are a variety of dishes in Yumfresh menu including hundreds of vegetarian and salt dishes.

Yumfresh mushroom restaurant- menu of more than 100 dishes

Today, Saigon-online.net lists some delicious dishes at Yumfresh as following: mushroom and seafood soup, mushroom salad and tuna, seafood salad and Yumfresh mushroom, mushroom mixed with beef, pork meat spring, tempura with Yumfresh mushroom, fried mushroom and taro, grilled vegetables and roots, noodles fried with mushroom, seafood and mushroom congee, etc.

goi hai san nam yumfresh

Seafood salad with Yumfresh mushroom

khoai so nam chien xu yumfresh

Fried mushroom and taro

Saigon tourists visiting Yumfresh can both enjoy tasty food here and be one with gentle melody of piano in a cozy atmosphere and whole-hearted service attitude. A green space is totally different from the hot weather outside in Saigon.

nha hang nam yumfresh

Cozy atmosphere at Yumfresh

Address: 63 Nguyen Binh Khiem street, Da Kao ward, district 1, Ho Chi Minh city

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