Special Streets in Saigon


Although there are not 36 streets with special goods as in Hanoi streets, Saigon near and far has streets, roads and corners where people think of shops next to another with same commodities.

  1. Antique Street

pho do co

The antique street Le Cong Kieu usually attracts crowd of customers visit and purchase.

Just in 200 meters long, the road Le Cong Kieu (district 1) contains the cultural and historic storage of Vietnam people through antique items. Coming here, you feel like being lost in the antique world with a variety of items in different sizes such as: Indochina banknote, coins of Ly, Tran dynasty, etc., jars and pots under Nguyen Dynasty, Qing Dynasty, etc.

Moreover, there are various bronze items such as Buddha statues, Shiva statue, etc. It maybe an ancient stamp collection, silver set of knives and forks, etc. No one knows when the street was established, just know it was and has been a familiar address to those who like collecting antique items in Saigon.

  1.  Oriental Medicine Street

Just coming to near Hai Thuong Lan Ong street (District 5), you will smell distinct fragrance of oriental medicine. A lot of Chinese people live here and mainly sell the oriental medicine.  When night comes, the whole street is lit by Chinese lantern.

  1.  Musical Street

pho dan

You can find all kinds of musical instrument in the musical street Nguyen Thien Thuat

To music lovers, Nguyen Thien Thuat street (district 3) is a familiar address if they want to find musical instrument. Coming here, you feel like being lost in musical world with all sorts of musical instrument like the guitar, zither, monochord, flutes, violin, harmonica, etc. Not only sell available instrument, but the stores here also make musical instrument as customers’ order.

  1.  Second hand book street

pho sach cu

A bookstore full of old books at Tran Nhan Ton street

Famous world literature works, magazines, newspaper or comic books such as: Doraemon, ore wa teppi; 7 dragon pearls, etc. appear in the bookstore. Initially, it is just a comic store purchasing old comic books, gradually Tran Nhan Ton (District 5) has become a famous place where people purchase and exchange old books in Saigon.

Customers are usually book lovers who want to find some works that now is no longer re-pressed. So it is not surprised when you see a person spend all day finding his expected book that is lying in million books of the store. The book price is hard to know exactly, some is very cheap, some is expensive and some up to several VND millions.

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