Spring Coming With The Beauty Of Mekong Delta

The dawn bus goes through the My Thuan Bridge in southern regions. Sa Dec town welcomes travelers in the morning sun with faint scent. The flower village Tan Quy Dong is in season of blooming flowers. The colorful flower beds are just waiting for the moment of booming.

The river landing becomes busier with cars along the road and hustle boats on river. In very early morning, on Ninh Kieu wharf, it appears a bunch of boats which head to Cai Rang floating market. The Cai Rang market has long been associated with generation after generation of people in Mekong Delta and as busy and hustling as inland markets.

Flower-village-mekong-delta (3)

Sa Dec flower village of colorful flowers

Flower-village-mekong-delta (4)

Marigold flowers and coconut flowers in blooming

Flower-village-mekong-delta (5)

Sa Dec is covered with flowers everywhere

Flower-village-mekong-delta (6)

Smiles in the flower season

Flower-village-mekong-delta (7)

Female workers take care of flowers

Flower-village-mekong-delta (9)

Immense floating market

Flower-village-mekong-delta (10)

Bustling floating markets

Flower-village-mekong-delta (11)

The floating market sells all kinds of goods

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