Spring Destinations in Saigon (Part 2)

 1. Dam Sen Cultural Park

Dam Sen Cultural Park

Opened all days on occasion of Tet holiday, the Dam Sen cultural park is a place where you can catch the image of floating market, tea shop, wherries on river, etc. when visiting Tet market of 3 parts of Vietnam; enjoying blossom flowers in Dam Sen apricot street or art programs of famous artists.

Here takes place hát văn (a traditional folk art of northern Vietnam), quan họ singing, đờn ca tài tử (a genre of chamber music in the traditional music of southern Vietnam), folk games such as: con throwing, blindfold dam poy, running beetles, etc. The entrance ticket costs 100, 000 dong/ person, full package fee: 180,000 dong/ adult and 120, 000 dong/ child.

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2. Thao Cam Park

Thao Cam Park

On occasion of Tet holiday, Thao Cam park opens from 8 am to 6 pm. With fresh air, rare and precious animals and green leaves, this is an ideal place for families walking and relaxing on Tet holiday.

Not only see animals like giraffes, elephants, ostriches, zebras, hippos, parents and their children also see funny circus animal performance. The entrance ticket fee is 12,000 VND (adults) and 8,000 dong (children).

3. Suoi Tien Tourist Area

Suoi Tien Tourist Area

The Suoi Tien tourist area is popular entertainment place to Saigon people, but in this Tet holiday, tourists are able to find new things at Suoi Tien (Fairy Spring) with new modern entertainment such as: Kingdom of future genius, magic palace for children, and  UFO alien, Turbo Rail for those who like adventure and thrills.

Particularly, tourists have chance to admire a spiritual work towards national origin “statue of Mother Buddha” with 22 meters high, stand on big global in Square 2, 400 square meters wide. The entrance ticket fee: 80,000 dong/ adult and 40,000 dong/child.

4. Theatre

On tet holiday, theatres performs special dramas with different genres: drama, comedy, musicals and horror drama. Famous theater as: Idecaf, Ben Thanh theatre, Phu Nhuan theatre, etc. open from 1st of January to 3rd of January.

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