Story M Café Where Vietnamese Stars Often Take Photo

Classic but cozy style of the ship is chosen by a lot of famous singers and models of Vietnamese showbiz as the place to take pictures record and relax with friends.

cafe story M 2

Renovated from an old house from the last century, Story M cafe is described as classic style but not too picky, simple but not less exquisite. The front area of the shop is quite small but thanks to green pieces, which are arranged harmoniously, provides a pleasant, relaxed feeling to guests at first sight.

cafe story M 1

The shop’s walls are not painted but looks gentle thanks to harmonious combination among colors, lights and décor. Moreover, special shelves also make the shop more beautiful.

cafe story M 3

Originally, as an architect, the shop’s owner cleverly arranged décor to create its own highlights. Especially, if you like to read books, the shop is a great place for you. Visiting here, you may encounter books every where, on the shelf, on a table, on a base, on as stairs, etc. with all kinds for all ages.

cafe story M4

Second floor is equipped with air conditioner and garden yard. This is a nice place for group of friends, families and it is also private enough for diners who need a quiet space.

cafe story M 5

Private corners with the view towards green garden bring restful feeling.

cafe story M6

Rooftop with lots of green pieces is a favorite place to many diners, especially in the evening. It is not only a beautiful space, but also is a place to enjoy music- gentle love songs of the past decade.

cafe story M7

Due to beautiful, harmonious and elegant space, the shop is chosen by a lot of famous singers and models of Vietnamese showbiz as the place to take pictures record and relax with friends.

cafe story M8

Coming here, you might accidentally meet celebrities in Vietnamese showbiz such as singer Dam Vinh Hung, actress Kim Hien, dancer Tran Ly Ly, singer Phuong Thanh, Khanh Ngoc, model Trung Cuong, the voice of Vietnam 2013 Thao Nhi, etc.

cafe story M9

Not only beautiful space, drinks here are plentiful and various. In addition to the familiar coffee, the shop also prepares many drinks from fruits, vegetables, etc. both strange and very cool. Especially the price is quite soft, just from VND 29,000.

cafe story M10

Beside drinks, the shop offers plentiful dishes with rice dishes, breads, noodles, noodle soup, fried noodles, etc.

Address: Story M, Tran Nhat Duat street, district 1, Ho Chi Minh city

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