Streets of Popular Beverage in Saigon City


nuoc dua

If coming Saigon on summer days, beside city tours, tourists should find by themselves a relax place to refresh under the heat 36o C.

Just a cup of coconut water, panax water or ice milk café, it is enough to cool the heat.

Coconut water

On hot days, a cup of sweet coconut water with several cool ice is favorable drinking in Saigon. This kind of popular drinking appears in many places in city such as: Hoang Van Thu park (Tan Binh district), Tao Dan park (district 1), etc. but most famous place must mention to Pasteur street (district 3).

Most shops of coconut water are sold in automatic carts on sidewalks. Customers can sit down small plastic stools or buy it as take-away drinking with menu of fresh coconut or kumquat coconut juice (dừa tắc). In which, dừa tắc is the first choice on sunny days, because of combination between the sweetness of coconut water and the light sour flavor of kumquat. It costs about 10,000 dong per a cup.


nuoc mia 2

Like coconut juice, cane-juice also attracts crowd of Saigon people on sunny days because of its sweetness, light sour from orange juice, lemon juice or kumquat juice. Moreover, the cane-juice has a cooling effect, fragrant flavor and cool tonic. In the past, Saigon was well-known for Far East cane-juice shop located behind Tax mall, corner of Pasteur (opposite Saigon Center now), then a shop in Le Van Duyet street.

Nowadays, cane-juice shops in Nguyen Binh Khiem street (district 1), An Duong Vuong street (district 5), Phan Van Tri (Binh Thanh district) are not only drinking shops but also gathering places of friends. Thanks to a cup of cane-juice together with no-ending chats, Saigon atmosphere is less stuffy.

Panax water

nuoc sam

It is popular and highlighted for cool drinking in Saigon is panax water. Although this kind of drink does not have panax as its name, main ingredients simply are cane juice, corn silk, and lemon roots with cooling effect and strengthening health very quickly.

Le Hong Phong is the most crowded street selling this drink, particularly at night. Moreover, you can come to Nguyen Thien Thuat- Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, Dien Bien Phu- Dinh Tien Hoang street, or Ta Uyen- Duong Tu Giang street to enjoy a cup of panax water in heating season.

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