Suggested Destinations in Saigon for Mid-Autumn Festival

Luong Nhu Hoc Lantern street: located in district 5, Luong Nhu Hoc is a familiar place for the youth on every occasion of Mid-autumn festival. The 300- meter street is lighted with hundred of lanterns. It maybe crowded as visiting here on occasion of mid- autumn festival but a nice place to recognize clearly childhood atmosphere.

There are a variety of lanterns, you can buy, just look and take photos.

trung thu saigon

Lantern street Luong Nhu Hoc is busy in atmosphere of mid- autumn festival.

Pagodas and churches: on occasion of Mid- Autumn festival, pagodas and churches are places organizing festivals for children, especially disadvantaged children.

If you do not have any plans, you and your friends may buy some lanterns and candles, then visit your near pagodas or churches to participate with children. This activity brings real meaning for the Mid- autumn festival.

Lotus Pond, Fairy Stream are two famous parks in Saigon and it is obvious that on occasion of Mid-autumn festival, such these places always organize programs for children such as: music performance, comedy, lantern parade and other fun activities. Dam Sen entrance ticket costs 90,000 dong per person, Suoi Tien costs 90,000 dong/ adult and 45,000 dong/child.

Starlight bridge, Thu Thiem is a nice place for couples sitting down on ground to enjoy moonlight and cake. Starlight bridge and Thu Thiem are very beautiful at night and many games surrounded. You and your girlfriend/ boyfriend may buy a mid- autumn cake, sit on the ground, eat cake and enjoy moonlight.

Aeon Mall: Saigon is very familiar with Aeon Mall located IN Bo Bao Tan Thang street, Tan Phu district. On mid- autumn festival this year, Aeon Mall organizes program “Mid-autumn night festival” for children. Children will take part in decorating lantern, mask, and lantern parade and then enjoy music performances.

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