Suggested Places for Shopping in Saigon Part 1

You are a believer “addicted” to shopping but extremely strange for those who visiting Saigon at first time. You do not know what will purchase and where to purchase unique items with the best bargain price? Please refer to the following article!

Clothes Shopping

Ho Chi Minh city is a place where garment and fashion industry is developed, hence it is very easy for you to choose a fashionable dress from common price to luxury. Residents here usually purchase cloth along Nguyen Trai street and Saigon Square 1 or Saigon Square 2. Saigon Square 2 is more spacious and airy than the two others.

mua sam

     Saigon Square or Nguyen Trai street, district 5 is familiar clothes shopping places in Saigon.

Shoe Shopping

Ho Chi Minh city seems to have streets specializing on a typical good and shoes are not exception. Actually, the city has only two roads focusing on this kind of good. When purchasing shoes, you should pay attention to the quality to avoid buying bad quality goods. Ly Chinh Thang street is a place full of shoe shops with different sizes and rich styles.

Another street for shoe purchasing is Luu Van Lang street, located on a side of Ben Thanh market. The shop has a variety of sport shoes and sandals, while Ly Chinh Thang street mainly sells fashion shoes.

giay dep

                   Ly Chinh Thang street, district 3- a favorite address for shoe shopping

Shopping bags and suitcases

If you want to own a suitcase to contain new goods, you can visit Le Lai street near Saigon New World hotel and Ben Thanh market. Coming here, you will see a street full of suitcases with famous brands such as: North Face, Samsonite and other brands. In addition, Saigon Square and Binh Tay market are also an attractive suggestion. If you use shoulder-bags to walk on streets, remember hang your bags across your back to avoid to be a victim of robbery.

tui sach

Binh Tay market, district 5 and Le Lai street, district 1 are should-visit places for fashionable bags and suitcases

Suggested Shopping Places in Saigon (Part 2)

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