Tasty Dishes in the Weather of Seasons Change

The “legend” kilos ice-cream (kem ký in Vietnamese) and a dish of fruit are should-eat dishes in cool weather of seasons change in both Saigon and Hanoi.

While Saigon is going to rainy season, Hanoi is turning to autumn, the weather becomes cool. However, it still keeps little hotness that makes you remember the cool taste of following dishes:

1. “Legend” Kilos Ice-Cream (ice-cream sold by kilos)

kem ky

A small dish of ice-cream for two persons

For those who were born and live in Saigon surely remember cups of ice-cream with various tastes, rather hard and very cold. The dish is called “legend” because it has long time shops selling the dish almost closed and it is hard to find a place selling this kind of ice-cream. However, the ice-cream comes back in some small shops on Ca Van Thinh street, Tan Binh district.

Adults and children flock to these shops. The price is still kept unchanged, cheap and abundant. If going in two people, you should order a small dish of VND 18,000. Apart from kilos ice-cream, shops serve fried dishes such as fish balls, shrimp balls and drinks with reasonable price.

2. Dishes of Fruits

When it comes to fruit dishes, we mention to Nguyen Canh Chan street, district 1, Saigon. Along this street, there is a punch of shops selling fruit dishes. You can sit inside or on sidewalk and order a dish of fruits.

A dish of fruit costs VND 22,000 and added coconut it will be VND 25,000. Customers are students, pupils, couples, and friend groups. In my experience, you should visit the shop at the end of the street, fruits are fresher and more quality than beginning shops.

trai cay dia

A dish of fruit with coconut costs VND 25,000.

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