Tet holiday in Saigon: Good to know

Apricot blossom ready for Tet in Saigon

Apricot blossom ready for Tet in Saigon

Tet is the most important event in a lunar new year of Vietnam, therefore, if you’re about to visit or stay in this city during the period, this article will give you some tips to experience the best Tet in Saigon-also known as Ho Chi Minh city.

1. Charge your devices

Get your camera or phone fully charged and bring with you the power bank since it is sure that you will love to capture the city in the most beautiful days of the year.

2. Be Aware of Pickpocketing

During Tet, any place hosting events will be full of people and you will not know when you become the victim of pickpocketting so make sure you put all your valuable belongings at the place where you can keep eyes on.


3. Be prepared

There’re tons of activities that only can be seen in Vietnam during Tet, so make sure you do a good searching jobs to know what and where the events are held to list out ones that you might be interested in.

4. Be adaptable to new culture

There are gaps between Vietnamese culture and other countries’ culture, especially when you comes from the West, the cultural gaps are even much huger. Therefore, to enjoy a funny Vietnamese Tet, open your mind to learn new things. They could be gestures, activities, reactions of food.

Especially, Vietnam as a country of diversity cuisine background, there will be a lot new dishes waiting for you to experience and lots of them are not so popular in normal day. So, don’t hesitate to try new local dishes, you don’t know when you fall in love with the cuisine of this country.

Caligraphy in Tet

Caligraphy in Tet

5. Learn some Vietnamese toasts

Making toasts to one another is a tradition in Tet, keep in mind some popular ones and give it to some people you talk to, you will receive a smile and the wishes in return. That is too enough to push up your mood.

6. Health concern

Visiting a new country with different climate might affect your body, especially in Tet, it could be very annoying to go to hospital on the occasion so make sure you listen to your body and have appropriate diet and exercise to keep yourself in good health to enjoy the most important event of the year in Vietnam.

Banh Tet-typical food in Tet

Banh Tet-typical food in Tet

7. This is for those who reside in Vietnam. If you’re just a tourist staying in hotel for some days, there is no thing to worry about. However, if this is your first time living in Vietnam during Tet, you should learn that supermarkets and stores and restaurants will close at some first days of the year so make sure you reserve enough necessaries until they reopen.

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