Tet Holiday On Ong Do (Vietnamese Calligrapher) Streets in Saigon

Like every year, this year Ong Do (Vietnamese Calligrapher) Streets in Saigon shall be held at the Youth Cultural House on the route Pham Ngoc Thach – Nguyen Thi Minh Khai; Tao Dan Park – Cultural Palace of Labor and on Nguyen Du road – Galaxy Nguyen Du zone. Ong Do (Vietnamese Calligrapher) Streets this year will be declared on December 19 and end on December 30 (lunar calendar).


Popular images of Vietnamese Calligrapher

Vietnamese-Calligrapher-tet-holiday (1)

Giving calligraphy is a national beauty

Vietnamese-Calligrapher-tet-holiday (2)

A corner of Ong Do (Vietnamese Calligrapher) Street at the Youth Cultural House

Vietnamese-Calligrapher-tet-holiday (3)

Ong Do (Vietnamese Calligrapher) Street at Cultural Palace of Labor

Vietnamese-Calligrapher-tet-holiday (4)

Ong Do (Vietnamese Calligrapher) Streets are cared by many people

Vietnamese-Calligrapher-tet-holiday (5)

A busy atmosphere on Ong Do (Vietnamese Calligrapher) Streets

Vietnamese-Calligrapher-tet-holiday (6)

Ong Do – a scribe skilled in calligraphy of Chinese characters

Vietnamese-Calligrapher-tet-holiday (7)

Taking memorial photos with calligraphers

Vietnamese-Calligrapher-tet-holiday (8)

Portrait sketch on Ong Do (Vietnamese Calligrapher) Street

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