Thailand Food in Saigon

You are able to walk on streets and enjoy fragrant coconut cakes or sit on sidewalk of Nguyen Tri Thanh street to taste famous Thai congee.

Thai Congee

che thai

Thai congee is very popular in Saigon and no matter where you go, you will see signboard of this dish. Bringing typical Thai cuisine which has fruits all year round, Thai congee is a mixture of materials that make a major Saigon favorite cuisine.

There are various materials of Thai congee such as: jackfruit, longan, coconut, etc. and especially pomegranate seeds which make the dish more special and various in tastes. Thai congee Nguyen Tri Phuong, district 10, is always preferred by Saigon diners.

Pad Thai

pad thai

When it comes to Thailand cuisine, it is usually mentioned to sour, spicy, salty and sweet flavors. The combination of these tastes makes a distinctive feature of Thai cuisine. The combination is most clearly expressed in the pad Thai, a street dish of the land of the Golden Temple.

Pad Thai is simply fried noodles with egg and spices such as dried shrimp, peanut, sprout bean, chives, and characterized tamarind sauce. Material looks simple but when mixed up together we will see it a subtle dish. Soft chewy noodles are soaked in mixed spices. You can find this dish on carts in Saigon city or in Lac Thai, Mac Thi Buoi, district 1.

Coconut Cakes

banh dua

Coconut cake is one of very popular street food in Thailand, from the beginning of the road, in flea market, night market to the luxury shops in the land of the Golden Temple. In Saigon, it is easy to find this dish on the street carts. The dish is made from flour, coconut and milk in a certain ratio and then baked on a small round tray. Cooked cake will sprinkled with little minced shallots for eye-catching and reducing fatness and sweetness of the coconut milk.

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