Thao Cam Park- A Peaceful Oasis in The Middle of Saigon

Thao Cam park with another name Zoo is an attractive destination in Saigon. This is a harmonic space among animals, plants and people. Visiting Thao Cam park, you will have fun with plants and wild animals. Bringing itself separated quiet space, Thao Cam Vien becomes a “peaceful oasis” in the middle of Saigon.

thao cam vien1

Have fun with lovely elephants

After 130 years of establishing, Thao Cam park has become a big zoo with 590 animals, 125 species, 1,800 trees of 260 species, 23 domestic orchid, 33 cacti, 34 bonsai species, and continues to be added. A world of plentiful fauna and flora has painted a harmonic natural picture.

Visiting Thao Cam perk, tourists are not only one with quiet space and breathe fresh air, but also listen the breath of nature and look lovely surrounding animals. That may be the beautiful sound of birds in the afternoon, howling of the ape family, the growl of lion, etc. which all like being lost in the world of wild animals.

thao cam vien2

A corner of fresh green garden

If you want to relax after watching animals here, you could come to Suoi Mo lake where you are able to contemplate wonderful natural landscapes, hear the sound of water and find gentle melodies in the life. For those who want to recall their memories with flock of storks, you can visit Lotus Lake.

Rambling in Thao Cam park space, you can capture images of peacocks spreading their tails, flocks of chickens seeking food, etc.

In addition, Thao Cam park is decorated with flower gardens, fountains, large stages for art programs. If coming here on big festivals, you will have chances to enjoy special music, circus and theater performances.

It is obvious that Thao Cam park is a peaceful oasis in the middle of busy Saigon, the peace from nature, green grass carpets, wild animals, etc. Surely you will leave all daily worries behind and enjoy the peace here.

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