The death anniversary of the founder of jewelry in Ho Chi Minh city


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The death anniversary of the founder of jewelry annually takes place in 3 days: 6th, 7th, and 8th of February at Le Chau temple, 586 Tran Hung Dao street, Ho Chi Minh city. The festival is organized on a large scale, it gathers thousands of people in jewelry industry, not only in Ho Chi Minh City but also from the southern provinces.

During festival days, Le Chau temple is brightly decorated; candles and incense are lit from the inside to the outside, giving a very solemn anniversary. Although 7th of February is main festival, works of worshipping are prepared several days in advance.

gio nghe kim hoan

The festival on 6th February starts with worship rituals praying for peace and prosperity, reading honor document of Kings under Nguyen dynasty for participants, especially for those who major in jewelry. On main festival 7th of February worship three “Vien” according to traditional rituals. The first Vien worships “Chấp minh” at 8 am to process the founder of jewelry. The second Vien worships founders from 10 pm to 0 am. The third Vien takes place at 4 pm on 8th of February to worship those who had merit of building Le Chau temple.

“Viên” is another name of each sacrifice part. Vien shall be conducted according to traditional rituals, offering items like tea, cake, fruits, roasted pork, etc. In each Vien, president or vice president of Le Chau temple reads the petition that was composed by Vien Cau writer instead of “hát bội” (kind of Vietnamese Opera) in the past.

Members of administrative board wear traditional costumes: Ao dai and turban and worship in front of the ancestral tablet. Inside temple, silversmiths burn incense and offer a tray of fruits with shapes of dragon, lion, turtle and phoenix with the sincere heart and acknowledge merit of founders of jewelry who contributed social development and abundant life for their families.

If in the past, Le Chau temple was an important gathering place of goldsmiths and silversmiths, nowadays Le Chau temple becomes a place where jewelers show their gratitude to the founder of jewelry. It is here that they find the mental strength to have more confidence in themselves as well as their career.

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