The Foreground Scenery of a “Palace” in most unique European style in Saigon

The entire design of the “Palace” follows the classic European style, creating a rare luxurious space in center of Saigon


This luxury building is located in residential area Binh Tri Dong B (Binh Tan District) and considered an impressive and modern European-style architecture in Saigon. After more than 5 years for idea making, design and construction with a total area of 120 square meters, construction cost about VND 15 billion, consisting of 4 floors and 12 rooms, this building was completed on September 29.


Outside the building are statues of ancient Italian warriors. The owner of the “castle” is miss Ma Dao Ngoc Bich (36 years old). Having been to many places and admiring the unique European architecture, Miss Bich took up the idea of building this building with classic, luxurious and elegant architectural style which make visitors comfortable.


A corner of the 1st floor balcony is described with exquisite lines and the combination of multiple patterns. It is arranged with reading chairs.


Miss Bich shared that “The space inside are identical to the European architecture, namely the style of 4 countries: France, Italy, Greece and the Arab countries”


The ceiling designed with curved architecture combined with paintings of European countries creates a very special style.


Yellow light gives a warm feeling. Besides, doors are made of wood and are carved with royal crowns of feudal European period. The Gôloa Cocks- the symbol of France are carved of wood in the “castle”.


In addition to the yellow light, the house is also combined with the white light to create color balance. Stairs are designed in curves and covered with red carpet, creating a strange feeling when moving.


Luxury furniture makes guests feel in the context of ancient Europe.

The-palace-in-European-style-saigon12The statues were finely carved.


The entire building is lit up brightly at night.

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