The Largest-scale Flower Market in Saigon on International Women’s Day

In normal days at about 2 am, purchasers already prepared their flowers, but on special days like the International Women’s Day, almost booths work overnight to supply flowers to retailers.


The flower market Ho Thi Ky, district 10, Ho Chi Minh city, the largest-scale wholesale flower market in Saigon, become busier on the International Women’s day.


Fresh flowers from other regions are gathered here some days in advance to meet requirements of Ho Chi Minh city as well as surrounding areas. Fresh flowers in the market are mostly transported from Da Lat and Hanoi.


A lot of women have been associated with the flower market; hence on special occasions, it is the most hard-working time.


Miss Cuc in Binh Chanh usually sells flowers to small markets and flower shops, but today, she has to work harder than usual.


According to traders, prices of flowers on such these days increase sharply because of high demand from retailers.


The flower price is not listed one, it depends on markets’ need. It may increase 10- 40 percent.


At this current, Da Lat rose flowers are in highest demand, about VND 145,000- 300,000/ bunch of 50 flowers.


Orchid flowers are sold at price of VND 70,000/ bunch.


A huge number of customers flock to the market by night. They are flower shopkeepers or groups of students for retail.


A lot of male student also buy flowers to present their girl friends and their female relatives.


Groups of students buy flowers for retail on Saigon routes.


Apart from wholesale, many booths here also compete to retail.

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