The top advises to Help You bargain Successfully in Bến Thành Market, Hồ Chí Minh City,Vietnam

Vietnam, especially Saigon, is a bargain hunter’s paradise with markets and malls on almost every corner from flea markets to upscale luxury malls, the city has it all. Whatever you see a local wearing, eating or using, you will be able to find it within their stalls.

Ben Thanh market

Ben Thanh market

It’s a great chance to test your bargaining skills. It’s a very different experience if you live in other countries Vietnam markets you have to bargain to get the amazing bargains. Here are some tips to help you negotiate your way through the market and make the most of your experience visiting Bến Thành Market.

How to bargain in Ben Thanh market

How to bargain in Ben Thanh market

1. Starting price and pay between 1/3 or 1/4 the price that the seller tell you. If they don’t agree you can raise a little bit if you feel it’s reasonable price. If the sellers don’t agree, you can walk away, they will call you and agree with the price.

2) Do not buy the first thing you see. The market is full of a lot of people selling fairly similar thing but different price. Some people get a half price at the shop near by the previous shop that you just bought item.

3) Smile, laugh and generally be nice. People always respond to positivity here and it makes for a more pleasant experience for both of you. It’s a market after all and there’s no need to take things so seriously especially if you’re just visiting as a tourist.
4) Try to show that you are not interest in the item. If you the seller will give you a lower price so you can bargain easier and be accepted with your ‘lowest offer price’.

5) Learn some Vietnamese. If you can speak some simple Vietnamese words like number, “how much” , the negotiation become easier. The seller will think that you live in Vietnam or travel alot so you might know the price and how to bargain in Vietnam. With this way, you will be professionl when you dealing and get the amazing bargains.

Have you ever bargained? Could you share with us your own tips?

Products in Ben Thanh market

Products in Ben Thanh market

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