Thien Hau Pagoda Festival in Ho Chi Minh city



hoi thien hau

The festival of Thien Hau pagoda is annually held to worship Thien Hau Saint on 23rd of March (lunar calendar) at 710 Nguyen Trai street, district 3, Ho Chi Minh city.

Thien Hau pagoda daily welcomes crowd of pilgrims. But more crowded on first day of month or full-moon days or Tet holidays of Chinese people such as: Chinese New year, Lantern Festival, Mid-year Festival, etc. Especially on 28th of New year holiday, the pagoda holds press ceremony and wishes for a peaceful country. On 23rd of March, the soul calling festival is considered main festival of the temple.

chua thien hau

At night 22nd of March will take place a bathing ceremony. On the morning 23rd, people celebrated the procession. The statue of Thien Hau is placed on a palanquin carried by young men and women who wear beautiful dress and go in procession through streets around the temple. Following the procession had a dragon boat, red plaques inscribed names of deities worshiped in the temple, dance teams such as dragon dance, lion dance, traditional music performance and dancing. All make a bustling scene in streets crowd of the Chinese.

This pagoda is one of the oldest pagoda of Chinese people. It is located in the center of first Chinese people who founded Chợ Lớn later. Thien Hau pagoda is built in 1760 by a group of Chinese people who leave their village and come to Vietnam. It is restored in 1800, 1842, 1890, 1916, etc.

According to Dai Nam Nhat Thong Chi: “12 km from Binh Duong district, on the left and right of main road where the market had 4 directions like square shape, hundreds of good, Quan Cong temple on the north, Thien Hau on the west.

The pagoda of Thien Hau saint is main pagoda. She is called “A Pho” (mean Notre Dame) by Quang Dong people.

The pagoda was recognized as national architectural and art monuments on 1st July, 1993.

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