Three Bars In Saigon Help You Blither

Vuvuzela, Le Pub or Boheme are places which help you leave sadness or stress away and feel blither in coming New Year.



This is a famous place to reduce stress for Saigon youth. Music is mixed by talented DJ which makes listeners feel elated and happy.

You should book a table in advance if you come to Vuvuzela with numerous friends.

Le Pub

Coming to Le Pub, you will be ready to say goodbye to sadness. Located in the famous West street, Le Pub brings optimism of foreigners. They laugh, tell stories, sip some snacks and then burst into laughter.

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Inside Le Pub


Decorated with three dominant colors: yellow, white and black, Boheme Pub has a typical style that is hard to be confused with other shops. If you do not like busy atmosphere, obviously this place will not be for you.

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You can choose a seat or sit outside for an airy space.

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