Three Café Shops Play The Piano in Saigon

Soundproof glasses divide space into two opposite sides. One side is the loud of honk, a bunch of people are in hurried and the other is slow melody of piano. Thanks to the loyal cafe with orchestral music, Saigon people still have a place to sit down and experience life. Here are three café shops playing the piano in Saigon.

Black and White

Lying in Tu Xuong street, district 3, Black and White café has long been a familiar place for those who like orchestral music. Black and White is not narrow but not too large, divided into three areas: garden, inside house and upstairs, connected together to ensure guests can hear the piano in their seat.

The café plays the piano at 8 pm by a visually impaired artist but talented. Guests proactively stop talking when you play the piano. You can come across the classical music, sometimes familiar songs of the youth.

den va trang

                       The artist sits in the central of the room and performs beautiful songs.

Piano Cafe

If Black and White plays the piano only, in Piano café, you may hear piano, guitar, and violin. Piano café is located in Ho Xuan Huong street, district 3. The shop has dark space and lighted with cups of candle along stairs and guest’ table. This is a quiet place and the only thing you want to do is to listen the sound from musical instrument.

When waiters serve drink to you, they will place a paper and a pen in order that you can order your favorite songs. When receiving your order, they will perform your favorite song as a present for you. This thing makes you feel like as a special guest.

piano cafe

                        Performance of piano, guitar and violin in Piano café

QA Cafe

When you feel tired, finding to QA café and drinking a cup of café is a good suggestion. QA café is located in Thanh Thai street, district 10; the shop only plays the piano at 8 pm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

QA café is in a narrow space and simple style in cozy atmosphere. This is a best place for those who love piano or romantic couples.

QA cafe

                     QA Café with cute decoration brings a pleasant feeling

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