Three Romantic Café Shops For Dating in Saigon

Country House, Story M or Sorrento is best choice for a surprised dating to your half apple.

Under dim light, water gurgling from artificial springs and together with your half apple, it is an ideal space for sharing interesting stories.

1. Country House

Step through a tiny gate of the Country House is the world of colorful and poetic gardens. For those who have been to Country House leave many nice words for the shop. Country House is decorated with antique cars and other items such as vespa motorbike, bicycles, and cyclo. The style of the shop likes a fairy land, especially sparkling at night.


Country House is decorated as European style and looks like a fairy land

Address: 18C Phan Van Tri street, ward 10, Go Vap district

2. Story M

Classic but cozy style of the ship is chosen by a lot of famous singers and models of Vietnamese showbiz as the place to take pictures record and relax with friends.

story-M-romantic-cafeStory M cafe

Renovated from an old house from the last century, Story M cafe is described as classic style but not too picky, simple but not less exquisite. The front area of the shop is quite small but thanks to green pieces, which are arranged harmoniously, provides a pleasant, relaxed feeling to guests at first sight.

Not only beautiful space, drinks here are plentiful and various. In addition to the familiar coffee, the shop also prepares many drinks from fruits, vegetables, etc. both strange and very cool. Especially the price is quite soft, just from VND 29,000.

Address: Story M, Tran Nhat Duat street, district 1, Ho Chi Minh city

3. Sorrento


The yellow light brings warm feeling for Sorrento café. Food and drinks in Sorrento are quite delicious.

Address: 91/6 Hoa Hung street, ward 12, district 10.

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