TIP for traveling in the outbreak Covid- 19 need to know these things.

The following information is useful and necessary when the Covid – 19 epidemic outbreak in the world.

Considering when traveling in the outbreak Covid- 19.

Considering when traveling in the outbreak Covid- 19.

Where is safe place?

Travelers should access to the web of health authorities, disease control authorities or travel agency and local government to consider the safe destination. Moreover, travelers need to follow the guidance and recommendation of organization authorities about the epidemic.

If my flight is canceled, can I get a refund?

If you flight to the area where is affected by Covid -19 is canceled, you are eligible for refund  or reservation free ( there may still be an additional fare difference). If you book a ticket through intermediary or third party (travel agent) need to contact with them. For the hotel booked in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Four Seasons, Hilton and Marriott… are free of cancellation or change.

What should to do? 

The airlines, tour operators and insurance companies do not obligation to refund as the panic. Thus, if you do not travel to anywhere outside the risk area list, the refund will not be issued. If you cancel the trip since  the health issue, the certification from doctor is required to reimburse.

For example, ABTA company or ATOL in England will offer another tour if travelers cancel the trip as the recommendation from the government. However, guests may not agree with the offer if the this tour is too different from the original tour. In this case, they can get 100% refund.

Get compensation Insurance when canceling the tour or flight ticket?

Guests need to contact with the airline, hotel or tour operations to check for you benefits. If not, you need to have travel insurance packages. Some insurance companies have policy for canceling ticket, tour.

What should I do if I am isolated?

Guests have to follow the regulations of government, you may have to isolate within 14 days. Almost the insurance policy will charge pay for medical expenses if you are infected. However, you need to check carefully about the travel insurance to make sure about that.

Can I travel this time?

It is depends on you. If there is a infection or another disease background that maybe get a higher risk, it should be not.

Is it dangerous to travel by cruise?

Isolation and outbreak epidemic on the cruise have affected to this sector. This forces all carriers to take immediate precautions including canceling trips to the restricted areas, rescheduling,  strict screening passengers on and off the cruise.

A spokesman of Cruise Lines International Associations said (CLIA): ” In board, crews are experienced in cleaning and hand Sanitizing is set in many location in the yacht to use.

Is it safe to travel by air?

Wearing the mask in the public area

Wearing the mask in the public area

There is the HEPA filters to remove the pollutants in the air in almost commercial aircraft. David Powell – Medical Advisor of International Air Transport Association ( IATA) said: ” Virus can not survive long on chair or armrest”. Physical approach between a person and guest is greatest risk of infection on flights. Therefore, wearing a mask and gloves will limit the infection.

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