T’Nung Lake – a pearl of Pleiku

Gia Lai Province is located in the heart of the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The province offers temperate climate, rolling hills, forests and a profusion of ethnic minorities.

Gia Lai was where brutal battles took place between Vietnam’s People Army and the US Army during the Vietnam – American War and some sites of the former battlefields can be visited today. Besides, Gia Lai has a temperate climate and rolling hills which are suitable for trekking and cycling adventures. AdventureGreen has a wide range of discovery adventure tours in Gia Lai Province: hiking tours, cultural adventure trips and war tours.

Peaceful place will attract tourist


One of the most favorite destinations of visitor of Pleiku is T’Nung Lake. T’Nung lake is the volcanic plateau inactivated for millions of years located about 7 km from north of the Pleiku city center, with an area of 280ha, and average depth of 16-19m, at the deepest position to 40m. T’Nung lake is a name of the village associated with the legendary land of Gia Lai, Kon Tum. The village was rich and beautiful, harmonizing between local people and nature in here. Suddenly, the volcanic eruption buried T’Nung village. The survivors mourned their loved ones and relatives relentlessly, and their tears flowed into the lake. For that reason, T’Nung lake is considered as the pearl of Pleiku that anyone who has come to the Central Highlands cannot ignore.

Things to do when visiting the T’Nung lake

- Boating along the lake

Going on T’Nung lake by canoe, visitors will be surprised by the cool air in the lake area and the beautiful and peaceful landscape of greenish pine trees on the two sides of a winding road, some dug-out boats and fishing rods on the lake, and terraced fields on mountains. In addition, in such canoe, visitors will have a chance to listen to some the mystery of Lake T’nưng, which will be a lyrical and romantic experience.


-  Sightseeing a whole mountainous landscape of Pleiku

From the Lake, visitors can zoom in and out to see a whole area of Pleiku with such hills as tea hills, hills of coffee, and so on. Far away are the vast forests with mountains surrounding. Visitors will have to chance to see “Rong House”, a traditional house of Ethnic minority groups with special architecture. In addition. from Sea Lake, visitors can see Ham Rong Mountain, another must-see destination in Pleiku.

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Furthermore, coming to the T’Nung lake, tourists often see pink feathered birds, or kingfishers with blue plumage always hover over the water for fishing. In the afternoon, golden sunshine spreads across the hillsides, the flocks of birds start to fly to the nest around T’Nung Lake that leave tourists the touch of the beautiful and peaceful nature.

Especially, tourists also have opportunties to dive in the culture of the legendary land, riding the elephant around the lake, and live overnight at the lake on the back of the elephant, enjoying some cups of wines, and witnessing the very interesting and romantic traditional dances of the ethnical groups in here.

Let’s come to T’Nung lake once day to discover the true beauty of nature and people in the Central highlands!

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