Tourism Area Binh Quoi, Ho Chi Minh city


khu du lich binh quoi

Located in peninsula Thanh Da, near Saigon river bank, 8 km from Ho Chi Minh city center, Binh Quoi tourism village is a destination to enjoy local culture- famous folk cuisine in Ho Chi Minh city. Especially, this is an ideal place to organize cultural and cuisine events serving demands of city citizens as well as foreign tourists.

Coming to Binh Quoi tourism village with two tourism area Binh Quoi 1 and Binh Quoi 2, tourists seem to lose their way in a peaceful countryside, full feel of fresh green space, wind carrying the scent of grass and flowers, lantern two sides of entrance, glittering lake. Rows of water coconut lean towards romantic Saigon river and green cool channel. Here, tourists will see familiar images such as: dinghy, bumpy monkey bridge, a water container, straw heaps, etc. which are strangely arranged to create a distinct attraction to the Binh Quoi tourism village.

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With the area of 3.5 hectares, near Saigon riverbank, large flat area, cool and clean air, not as noisy as other entertainment areas, Binh Quoi 1 tourism area looks like a panorama picture imbued with wild and simple features of harmonic Southern countryside.

Here owns green smooth grasses, rows of coconut shading under rivers, lotus ponds blossoming, trails leading to land houses, floating markets. Binh Quoi 1 is associated with cultural and cuisine festivals such as: discovering Vietnamese folk cuisine culture, the Southern land, our rice, come hone for Tet Holiday, countryside flavor, etc.

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The most special attraction of Binh Quoi 1 tourism area is weekend buffet with theme “Southern cuisine” which is designed as a Southern local market with over 100 local dishes. They are performed on leave towers, on grasses or in garden yards, tourists can enjoy any food they like.  Attractive dishes: roasted snakehead fish, chicken roasted with clay, fried cakes , khot cakes, etc. Tourists just enjoy their meals just listen amateur music, singing, fishing, sailing or take part in folk games.

Not less romantic and poetic, located near Saigon river, 400 meters from tourism area Binh Quoi 1, Binh Quoi 2 owns a landscape like a resort  in the heart of the city, with modern style and features of sea; services matching tourist demanding of accommodations, relaxing, entertainment with 45 bungalows (a small house with a single story originated from India), restaurant systems, swimming pools, tennis courts, canoes, meeting rooms, ethnic music programs. The busiest area on weekends is the cuisine area “delicacies in sea region”, dishes are prepared as rustic style of  fishermen. Unlike foods of Binh Quoi 1,  dishes of Binh Quoi 2 are processed  commodities of river water such as: snails, shrimp , crab and fish, etc. Visitors enjoy food in space for boats, baskets, fishing nets, and equipment of fishermen.

With endless efforts to win total trust of tourists, Binh Quoi tourist village has been awarded the second-class Labor Medal and Viet brand voted by customers for years.

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