Tra Su Forest in An Giang province

Have you ever imagine birds walking on water to feed, waterways full of duckweed and a pleasant yet vibrant ambience among nature? All of those things will be found in Tra Su.

Located in Van Giao Commune, Tinh Bien District, An Giang Province, Tra Su Cajuput is approximately 100 kilometers from the city of Long Xuyen. In recent years, Tra Su Cajuput has been one of the best destinations any traveler must come for a Mekong Delta trip. With the area of about 850 ha, the forest is home to a rich diversity of fauna and flora.

The boat has a unique design

The boat has a unique design

Tra Su Cajuput Forest has been considered as the land of the most striking scenes in An Giang Province and even in the Mekong Delta. The travelers will be overwhelmed by the forest’s magnificence while penetrating inside. Lines of cajuput trees along the waterway make the vista more alluring. Moreover, it’s great to witness wide paddy fields dotted with palmyra palm trees in proximity to the forest.

Some study reveals that Tra Su Cajuput is currently the habitat of more than 70 species of birds and 11 species of animals, 25 species of reptiles, and 10 species of fish. Also, there are up to over 140 species of flora spreading through the forest. With such an amazing wildlife, it’s sure a memorable trip for you.

It’s possible to state that Tra Su Cajuput Forest is the pride of the tourism industry of An Giang in particular and the South in general. This destination carries distinctive characteristics of the Mekong Delta and is famous for its diverse ecosystem.

The remarkable thing you’ll spot first when crossing the bridge to the entrance of the forest is a series of long canals providing a pleasant atmosphere for any visitor. The excursion to explore Tra Su is by boats and takes about 2 hours. At the entrance, just get onto a boat accompanying about 3-5 people and penetrate deeply into the forest for sightseeing.

It’s not a lie that the scenery inside looks like an ethereal wonderland. It’s so fanciful that you can’t believe there is such an enthralling place on earth. Especially when you visit it early in the morning, the air gets you more comfortable and you can witness flocks of birds flying to feed and singing songs of the wildlife.

Perhaps, the detail distinguishing Tra Su from other forests is the spread of duckweed on the water. The enormous emerald-green duckweed is seemingly embellishing canals through the forest. It’s indeed brilliant to leisurely move through the world of duckweed by a wooden rowing boat. At times, you suddenly realize birds walking in the duckweed are right next to you. There is no word to describe that stunning natural spectacle.

Travel on a boat to explore the forest

Travel on a boat to explore the forest

If you have planned for a trip to Tra Su Cajuput Forest, never ignore other fascinating destinations nearby, such as Linh Son Ba The Pagoda, Co To Mountain, the temple of the Lady of the Realm, Cam Mountain, the Land of Seven Mountains, and the Oc Eo relic site.
Authentic food from the South of Vietnam in combination with wilderness of the forest

The eating place in the center of Tra Su forest has a variety of dishes in the menu, including: hotpot of Linh fish and sesban flower, deep fried Linh fish, sour hotpot of catfish, honey grilled chicken, grilled snakehead fish… all of which are typical food for locals of this area. With healthy ingredients of tropical vegetables, fish from Mekong River and chicken around the gardens, a lunch among the natural atmosphere is a really unforgettable memory for those who go with their families and friends.

Grilled snakehead fish, a typical dish of the South of Vietnam

Grilled snakehead fish, a typical dish of the South of Vietnam

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