Travelling Saigon Through Beautiful Impressive Graphic Photos

Saigon Makeover is an innovative contest where design students, artists and young Vietnamese people share technique and creative vision, in order to make beauty for Ho Chi Minh City. The competition was organized by the Global Shapers Ho Chi Minh city that is a community of the World Economic Forum collecting young talented leaders who have been actively contributing to the development of the community.

Travelling Saigon through beautiful impressive graphic photos:

buc do hoa 1

Almost tourists visiting Saigon and Turtle lake raise a question: “why does the lake named Turtle lake while they can not see any turtle here?” and a work names “Turtle lake has turtle” of Pham Duy Thien will answer the question.

buc do hoa 2

 “Đo và Kền” photo

buc do hoa 3

The work “Đo và Kền” of group: Truong Vu Dieu Nga, Nguyen Vu Huyen Chau and Huynh Vo Mai Trinh brings a “new coat” for Nhieu Loc canal and two banks of Saigon river branch in district 4 and district 8.

buc do hoa 4

With the aim of creating a fresh green bus station and bring tourists interesting feeling when travelling Saigon as well as increase the modest green space of the city, Ms. Chu Thi Thanh Hoa takes part in the contest with her product name “ Ben Thanh bus station”.

buc do hao 5

The product “Saigon Green Bus” of Tran Thi Anh Dao want to change images of bus that are considered “evil genius” of Saigon streets, to help bus transportation become popular, not only for city residents, but also for tourists.

buc do hoa 5

Overpass bridges in Saigon will be livelier from the photo “Saigon colors through bridges” of Le Hoang Long.

buc do hoa 6

Thu Thiem tunnel is full of energy with colorful patterns.

buc do hoa 8

Burano Island (Italy) in the heart of Saigon on colorful Binh Dong wharf. Old houses will become fresh new, full of energy through “Binh Dong wharf- Burano of Saigon” of Nguyen Hoang Phat.

buc do hoa 9

The photo “journey” of Pham Duy Thien, light green color tone and doves show journeys of drivers. Doves carry wishes of safe and sound journey fro drivers.

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