True Love Vegetarian Restaurant in Sai Gon


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Nowadays, vegetarian diet is not only for Buddhists and nuns  but also for people who like vegetarian food because of its benefit. It is reason why many vegetarian restaurants appear to meet customers’ demand. However, the restaurant bringing you the experience on real tastes is not every where. Cooking is an art and the processing of vegetarian food requires more skill and creativity. Today, we introduce you a famous vegetarian restaurant named Chan Tinh (True Love) shop.

For your first legs on this shop, customers are not unsurprised by the peace covered the whole space including tables, chairs, decorations, and even service manner of staffs. All is as a completely different world. There, diners seem to find the hidden corner in their soul, peace of minh after tension and busy working days.

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The True Love restaurants brings you various options with attractive vegetarian food. The food is processed from 100 % fresh good food that is carefully selected, makes sure food safety and taste many objects, especially those who eat a vegetarian diet and the elderly. Therefore, you can be completely assured of the quality of the food here. In addition, the vegetarian dishes are made by talented and experienced chefs of the restaurant and beautifully decorated. They are no different from delicious and precious dishes of other great restaurants . With many years experience in the processing of vegetarian dishes, the restaurant’s chefs will bring you the wonderful experience of vegetarian cuisine.

Getting True Love Vegetarian shop’s on your hands, surely  you will be surprised from very familiar dimsum such as western Pho, Hue noodle, rice noodle, etc. to  main dishes like soup, salad, fried foods, hot pot, etc. all made from vegetarian ingredients.

While restaurants are mushrooming, vegetarian dishes still assert their own place in the hearts of diners. And Chan Tinh vegetarian restaurant is always a preferred address. Not only because of delicious food, but also the restaurant wins customers’ praise thanks to pure and warm space and gives customers a pleasant and familiar feeling.

Address: 444- Nguyen Tri Phuong street, Ward 4, district 10, HCM city

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