Uncovering delicious and oldest shop of dried beef salad in Sai Gon


goi bo kho

In Sai Gon, there are many shops selling the dried beef salad but the most famous place is area of Le Van Tam park. However, to tell the truth, delicious in right way must mention the long-time dried beef salad shop of two elderly at Nguyen Van Thu street.

The shop owner is modest when asked about his salad. He said that his dried beef salad  is not more delicious than others. And he does not remember exactly when he started to sell the dried beef salad, just knows when both are young and of course long time ago.

According to comments of “street food cuisine specialists”: once enjoying the dried beef salad of this shop, you will not be eager to taste another shop. The dried beef salad here is both fragrant and greasy, distinctive flavor compared to other shops.  Salad gourmets will clearly feel this difference.

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A dish of dried beef salad costs 14,000 dong, take- away or order one more the dried beef dish without salad 16,000 dong. This price is common price in Saigon, however; some dinners have commented that the dish of dried beef salad is quite smaller than others. But with good quality and long-time experience, the shop is not only a place for the youth but also a familiar one for  previous generations.

Beside dried beef salad, the shop offers fried rice flour cake with eggs, salad rolls and sugarcane juice. The fried rice flour cake costs 13,000-15,000 dong/ course. The sugarcane juice costs 5,000 dong.

One more special point here is that the shop is quite hard to find address because it stands behind an ancient house. No signboard, no notice or any instruction. They use a small cart to sell the dried beef salad in the house’s yard. Outside is a cart of sugarcane juice. Even those who are used to come maybe still get lost so it will be a challenge to teenagers to find the shop.

Address: Nguyen Van Thu street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city

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