Unique Café Shops in narrow lanes of Saigon

In a busy Saigon, there are still small quiet corners serving coffee in lanes which help people dispel tiredness after a long stressful working day.

Kujuz cafe

Located deep in a quiet residential area on Tran Quy Khoach road, district 1, Kujuz café seems to separate from busy and hustle Saigon outside. Passing through here, if not pay attention, you will easily miss it because the shop does not have signboard and always close the shop’s door. But behind the iron door is a private space designed in strange style.

Kujuz café looks simple, quiet and not many customers. Coming here, you have to serve yourself.  The way to mix some dishes has already been placed on kitchen counter such as lemon soda, coffee, chocolate, etc.

For the time of searching quiet moments for your soul, you can visit quiet corners of Kujuz, enjoy a cup of coffe made by yourself, just read a book and looking white flowers blossoming through colorful windows. This place is suitable for those who want to find a quiet space to work, study, read book or simply for sleeping.


Kujuz staffs only need to look after the shop and customers themselves mix their dishes.

Tibet café shop

Tibet café shop modestly locates in a small lane of Nguyen Van Troi road, Phu Nhuan district, and considered as a tranquil place for Buddhist devotees. Most of decorations in the shop were brought from Tibet so it looks very unique. The ceiling is hung with prayer flags of Tibetan people. Many photographs of Tibet covered walls which make visitors feel like in a miniature Tibet in the heart of Saigon.

The café shop has a small corner to sell and display Tibetan items such as: incense burner, tea, silver rings, etc. Second floor is a place to set a small altar used for people who like meditation. At 9 am every Sunday morning, there is a meditation class helping you feel relaxed after a tired working week. The shop uses Tibet Buddhism music that makes visitors feel like passing into nothingness. When enjoying, such these sound will bring you a restful feeling.

tay tang

Decorations in the shop are unique and very eye-catching.

The shop’s drinking is called with interesting names such as: dragon blood, Miss Pink, etc. with the effective using noted under each kind of drink. Sometimes, the shop sells some vegetarian food. Tibet café shop is a suitable place to reduce stress after tired working days.

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